Luminous Endowment Grants

Below are listed the grants available to photographers from the Luminous Endowment Fund. Some grants show as available for new applications, while some may show as closed. If a grant is closed that means that either a winner was recently awarded, or if a new grant, the submission period has not yet started. 

Please keep an eye on the NEWS page for announcements about the opening and closing of specific grants as well as news about new ones. This information will also appear on our Facebook page, which serves as a place to discuss grant applications and other matters related to The Endowment.

In all cases, if you click on the grant name below you will see additional information about the grant, and can view current submissions for that grant as well as previous winners in this category.

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The 2016 Art Wolfe Next-Generation Photographers Grant

The Art Wolfe Next-Generation Nature Photographers Grant is for young photographers pursuing a professional career in nature photography. Recipients will be selected on the basis of skill, artistic excellence and by demonstrating the promise of future achievement.


Photographers who earn a significant portion of their income from nature photography, are 18-30 years of age and either U.S. citizens or permanent residents, may apply for this immersive educational workshop with Art Wolfe.


The M. Reichmann Grant

This grant, sponsored by this site's founder, Michael Reichmann, is currently closed.

It is intended for photographers of all ages who are moving to the next level in their art and craft. Any type of photographic pursuit is permitted.

The grant's purpose is to finance a new project which will further the photographer's skills and experience. A monograph, portfolio or exhibit should be the intended outcome.


The Luminous Landscape Grant

This grant, sponsored by The Luminous Landscape, is currently closed but will become available again in 2018.

It may be used to complete a body of work, publish a monograph, book or portfolio. It may also be used to support travel to a specific location for a specific purpose.


The Southern Exposure Grant

This grant is sponsored by a major charitable foundation. Its purpose is to fund photographic projects whose focus is the people, culture and landscape of the American Southeast.


LensWork Publication Skills Grant

LensWork Publication Skills Grant is currently closed.

This award is granted to photographer(s) who are ready to expand their core skills beyond photography for exhibition or gallery presentations and are wanting to prepare their work for publication.


The Mylio Grant: Memories and Stories

This grant, sponsored by Mylio Development Corporation, is valued at $2,500 and is offered twice yearly.

The grant is designed to make it possible for the applicant to preserve images and the memories important to a life, or to tell one or more major stores of that life in pictures.

Both preserving and producing high quality images, and innovating in and around memories and their stories are desirable in an application for this grant.


The Greater China Grant

The grant is sponsored by Nicholas Kitto, a long-time resident of Hong Kong, who after 35 years as a professional accountant is now enjoying full-time commitment to his life-long passion for photography.
The grant is valued at US $5,000 and is awarded twice yearly. 

It is open to photographers of all ages and levels of experience, from anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on the style of photography or subject(s) chosen except that the subject(s) must be located in Greater China, which for these purposes is defined as being Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

This grant may be used to complete a body of work, publish a monograph, or book or portfolio.  It may also be used to support travel to a specific location for a defined purpose.  There are no restrictions on the style of photography, the subject(s) or locale(s) chosen.


A.J. Zelina Emerging Young Photographer Grant

This grant is sponsored by a retired architect and urban planner. The grant of $5,000, awarded semi-annually, is intended to encourage emerging photographers between the ages of 18 and 30 with an interest in documenting their community, environment and circumstances or factors affecting their lives.


Antarctica XXI Grant

Antarctica XXI is a leading provider of Antarctic cruises. The Luminous Landscape has been working with them for several years as its provider of expedition travel to that continent.

The Antarctica XXI Grant for Creative Photographers is awarded annually and will provide the recipient with a one week Antarctic cruise during the 2015/16 season.

The photographer is requested to propose a photographic project for the 2015/16 season trip that will explore light and colour. The photographer's current portfolio should display the talent and vision necessary to explore a special environment in a new way.

The trip itself is being provided by Antarctica XXI while The Luminous Endowment for Photographers will cover the cost of air travel from anywhere in the world to Santiago, Chile, where the voyage begins.


The Explore Armenia Grant

This grant is intended to encourage photographers worldwide to visit Armenia, and to document its people and its landscape.

The grant may be applied to travel expenses associated with visiting Armenia as well as traveling within the country.

A web site, book, magazine article, or exhibit should be the end goal of the project proposed.


DxO One Grant

Recipients of the DxO One grant are encouraged to travel to a new country or location and to use the unique DxO One imaging system to produce a body of work, publish a monograph, a book or portfolio.

Stretching the photographer's own creative limits as well as those of this imaging system should be the recipient's goal. Submitted previous work should show the photographer's ability to think and work "outside the box".

All projects will be featured in an annual book of Award Winners to be published by our supporting partner Lenswork Publishing.