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North American Thebaid - Orthodox Christian Monasteries of the USA & Canada

Ralph H. Sidway - AL, United States of America

I am approximately midway through a photographic pilgrimage to more than two dozen Orthodox Christian monastic communities across 19 states and four Canadian provinces, leading in 2018 to a large-format coffee table book of fine art photographic images with select, inspiring texts. This unique exploration of a largely unknown facet of religious and spiritual life in America seeks to reveal meaningful glimpses of a hidden way, using photographs to point to the inner life of the monks and nuns.

Rodeo Days

Ryan Shorosky - New Jersey, United States

Rodeo Days aims to explore and examine the environment and landscape of rodeo throughout America and the western ways of life that have been culturally significant throughout the history and development of the United States.

Hawai‘i Island from Above

Bruce Omori - HI, United States

Objective:  Publish a visual study on the abstract patterns, textures, and colors of the island of Hawaii from the air, with a focus on its volcanoes and their creative and destructive forces.

The Sahel Travelogues

Andre Washington - New York, USA

In the heart of West Africa – the eastern boarder of Niger to the western edges of Mali – stretches the landlocked region of the vast Sahel zone. The great Sahara Desert to the north and Savanna landscapes to the south, the semi-arid Sahel is a gorgeous, sometimes harsh region plagued by drought and desertification. ‘The Sahel Travelogues’ showcases the colorfully diverse culture in these magnificent lands.

Before the Eclipse

Jonas Kulikauskas - California, United States

I used my 8”x10” vintage film camera to capture time spent with my almost 16-year old son, Matas, a future astrophysicist. We bonded during a series of road trips exploring the American West during what he describes as a "...pretty low point in his life".

The Ecotourism Paradox – The Life and Death of our Wild Places

Justin Howland - Massachusetts, USA

As we face the loss of the world’s remaining wild places, and the increasingly visible effects of climate change, many countries are turning to heavily monitored but un-vetted systems of ecotourism, as what appears to be the only way to both appreciate and, in many cases, rescue their most precious landscapes, wildlife and cultures. But what is the hidden price?

Admired and unwanted; savage and forlorn

Nic Bezzina - New South Wales, Australia

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai is no stranger to controversy. It's a rough sport that can make Western boxing look like a gentlemen' s hobby. Muay Thai fighters employ punches, kicks, knee and elbows strikes that can incapacitate the opponents. But what is even more controversial is that children enter professional boxing rings.

Momentary balance

Ksenia - Samara, Russian Federation

Speciality of photography is capturing the facts. But sometimes a spontaneous object comes into a frame and becomes a main hero of photo.
It's not enough for me to use photography as only one word in a sentence. I'm trying to make every single photo as a full story with visual and meaningful context.
These works, made in different time periods and in different territories - grows in a few years into associative and visually unified creation.

The Passport

Thana Faroq - Sana'a , Yemen

This project explores the experiences of people who are hindered by their passports. It is about the people who are banned from entering countries; asylum seekers and stateless individuals who cross oceans and land masses to obtain a passport that will guarantee them a higher value in life. It is about the people who were not born within the “lucky” borders.

Working Title: State Lines/ Fault lines

David Granskog - Illinois, United States

State lines seeks to examine and explore the state borders of the United States that went to Trump in the 2016 election. These areas though unnoticeable in appearance have come to define and defy our definitions of racial, political and social division in the years of Donald Trump’s presidency. These are the border regions.

My Asylum Letter

Nicholas Pfosi - NH, USA

“My Heart Is On Fire,” the title for this project and a quote from a trans refugee describing the pain they feel inside since fleeing to Germany, addresses the experiences of thousands of queer, trans and gay refugees coming to the ostensibly liberal northern Europe. What does it mean to live in this place as a queer person? For many, they paradoxically find more abuse yet more freedom and community. This project aims to give voice to this narrative lost in the deluge of refugee reporting.


Richard Sobol - MA, USA

This project will be focused on a return visit to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in southern Kenya to photograph a one of a kind Safari Guiding School. The school provides a rigorous training program for local Maasai men and women and promotes the long term conservation of this spectacular wildlife resource.

RAWABI, birth of a utopia

Andrea and Magda - Essonne, FRANCE/ITALY

We are a duo of French-Italian photographers; we live and work in the Middle-East since 2009. Whereas the region is living tremendous transformations in the context of globalization, we are interested in the models that shape the culture, economy, architecture, and way of life in the different Arab societies. Through our works, we intend to question and challenge the imagery that forms representations of the contemporary Middle-East.

History of Russia. Future in the Past

Svetlana Makoveeva - Samara, Russia

This project brings together 12 heroes engaged in the reconstruction of various periods of Russian history: from the 9th century, when we meet the earliest mention of Ancient Russia, ending with the second world war.
This movement is becoming more and more numerous in Russia. The project was initiated with the hypothesis that many people feel unstable in contemporary Russia and try to find a national identity in the past. Until it is confirmed.

Return Migrants to Morocco

stefano miliffi - Tanger, Morocco

I have been photographing Morocco's economic and social development for the past 3 years.


Andres Millan - Bogotá, Colombia

Usually, when the people mention the place where I live: Bosa in Bogota, it is to talk about death, misery, drugs, gangs, fear, etc., and it may be true, my intention is not to tell that everything is fine , but I get tired of that, so I decided to portray my environment looking for other types of stories that probably nobody cares, but surely have a more positive impact on our context, this work is an approach to the daily life of my neighborhood, a portrait of the periphery.

Sinking Sundarban

Supratim Bhattacharjee - WestBengal, India

The southern part of the Ganges- Brahmaputra-Meghna delta shared by India and Bangladesh has the biggest single area of mangrove forest in the world. This is a place where the effect of global warming is quite intense. While the rate of sea-level rise is 2 mm per year in the whole world, in case of Sundarban it is 3.14mm per year. Predictions say that 25 percent of the human habitats in Sundarban will be drowned by 2020.


Laura J. Bennett - California, United States

As a mother of nine, I tend to create work where the subject matter pertains to real life. I have been making various types of pods and orbs for many years, using their sculptural form as a reference to motherhood and the womb. I create little mother-worlds with these orbs and other materials. Shooting using 120 film, I scan my negatives and play around with certain combinations. In a sense, these mother-worlds are a visual reference to my life experience and to the female condition.

The unexplored tribes of Angola

Biljana Jurukovski - NSW, Australia

Even though the civil war in Angola ended in 2002, some 15 years ago, Angola’s art, culture and tribes have been largely unexplored and remain so today. Angola offers some of the most spectacular tribal groups that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. While I have photographed tribal people from different parts of the planet, the tribes of South-West Angola are yet to be visited and are the theme for my next project.

Ireland's Islands

Carsten Krieger - County Clare, Ireland

'Ireland's Islands' will be a portrait of Ireland's offshore islands, both inhabited and uninhabited. The images will explore the landscape and wildlife as well as the built heritage, rich history and way of life of the islanders which its unique traditions. This project might be the last opportunity to record island life before global warming and plastic pollution as well as our technology oriented lifestyle changes the island communities, both human and wildlife, forever.