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November 2017

The Oracles of Malabar

Sugato Mukherjee - West Bengal, India

This is a project on Theyyam - an ancient cult of Malabar, in the northern region of Kerala, India. An incredibly vibrant tradition that has been in practice for the last 1500 years, Theyyam is a deep rooted folk religion, where the Theyyam practitioner or the Oracle, in a state of exalted trance, becomes the physical manifestation of a deity. With the DXO imaging system, I intend to build up an intense and intimate visual narrative of this cult.

April 2017

Central American Refugee Crisis

Christina Simons - Victoria, Australia

Central American migrants have been making the perilous journey through Central America and Mexico for over 20 years. This is an old refugee story that is ripe and fraught with danger still today. The journey across the borders is taken by riding a giant freight train called “La Bestia” (the beast) and by various other means. Children and families face violence, rape, torture and worse in doing so. Why would anyone want to risk such dangers? Because they are worse off in their own countries.

August 2016

Road to Nyapyidaw

Vivek Prabhu - Karnataka, India

This project is a reflection of Nyapyidaw, the new capital city of Myanmar in the eyes of the people of Myanmar.


Becoming Italian

Trenton Moore - Washington, DC, USA

Imagine you wake up one morning to find out that by way of what’s basically a genetic fluke, you’re a citizen to a country you’ve never visited and whose language you don’t even speak. That’s about how it’s happened for me.

In Becoming Italian I hope to use the DxO ONE to document my first visit to my family’s ancestral village in Sicily and the process of becoming a citizen of a new country.