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April 2017

Unequal Scenes

Johnny Miller - Western Province, South Africa

Unequal Scenes portrays dramatic scenes of inequality around the world from a drone's perspective. Using new technology and a keen eye for balance, contrast, and design, I have researched and shot South Africa's most divided communities. I intend to continue my project, with your help, to expand and take photos in the Global North.

August 2016

An American Family

Zachary Roberts - Stockholm, Sweden

For the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that stuck my family in 2006, the Nickel Mines mass shooting, I'd like to honor the legacy of those affected and do an exhibition containing photos of my family and the Amish community.


American Landscape: Where Water Meets Shore

Jan Bell - Ohio, USA

The United States holds an endless array of unique landscapes. While I have photographed extensively in California, the Southwest, and Lake Superior, there's a vast amount of landscape waiting to be explored.

My current body of work explores ethereal places where water meets shore. Changing weather makes for varied moods. This grant will allow me to continue this series of B&W images along the Oregon and Washington coast. Resulting photos will add to my body of work generated from a two year

When Tumbleweeds Attack

Theo Stroomer - Colorado, USA

I began hearing stories in 2014. Tumbleweeds were invading small western towns, piled so high that they trapped people inside their homes and blocked roads. They now return each winter with a vengeance, taking over entire communities on the Great Plains.

"Bright Moments"

Dennis Hearne - California 94133, United states

“Bright Moments” is a celebration of the light and textures of an unique circle of San Franciscans who probably will be looked at as the “old guard” as the city quickly suffers Manhattenization to its deficit. The series has been part of a ongoing project last realized in the book “Come and Go” (which can be found at and now is being updated and more integrated during the past 3-4 years with totally newer images as my process develops