About Our Grants

The mission of The Luminous Endowment For Photographers is to provide financial grants to photographers world-wide to foster current and anticipated projects.

Grants allow photographers to pursue specific photographic goals, such as mounting an exhibition of their work, publishing a monograph or book, or photographing a special subject or location as part of either commencing or completing a body of work. Note though that grants are not available for the purchase of photographic equipment.

Photographers apply for grants via this web site. Clicking on the GRANTS tab above leads to a page which features an online application page, a display page which shows current applications under consideration, and a page which show grants that have been issued.

There is also a link to a page which shows follow-up at the end of a grant period, and the timing and availability of The Luminous Endowment For Photographers Annual Grants Book. 

This book will be published each year by The Endowment and Lenswork Publishing, one of our corporate sponsors. The book will be available annually as a gift for donors making an additional contribution each year. See our Donate page for additional information.

Please note that projects associated with each grant

must be completed no later than 12 months

from the date that the grant was issued.




The Jury

Applications for grants issued by The Endowment are reviewed by a select jury of some of the world's leading photographers and photographic educators. 

Whenever a new application is submitted online (only online submissions will be considered) it is first seen by Chris Sanderson, who then vets the submission for appropriateness and completeness. Subsequently,  jury members are notified and then are able to review the submission on a private discussion forum. This forum is only open to jury members, the Board, and The Endowment's executive.

The general public may view all submissions as soon as they appear online, and may discuss them or other relevant topics on The Endowment's Facebook page.


The Application Process

To file an application for a grant click on the GRANTS tab at the top of any page. Available grants, their value and their application criteria and timetable are listed.

Detailed application instructions are provided. Please note that grant applications are only accepted online.

If you have concerns about the process or specific questions that are not answered on these pages, please contact Chris Sanderson or Kevin Raber directly.


Rules and Regulations

It is our intention to make the submission of grant applications as simple as possible. There are no trick questions, and no hoops to be jumped though. There are no fees or costs associated with submission.

If you submit a clear and complete application explaining who you are, what you hope to achieve and what the money will be used for, your job will then be well done.

The Executive and the panel of judges will take it from there. If your application is found to be suitable by the Executive it will be forwarded to the judges who will have a chance to evaluate it.

Within approximately 30 days of a submission closing to new applicants an award will be announced. If you are the grant winner, you will be contacted. If you were not selected you are allowed to resubmit the next time this award is open to applications or for another type of grant.

As a Registered Charity We Do Have Strict Rules and Regulations
Concerning Both the Application Process and if you are Awarded a Grant
Your Follow-Up Responsibilities.

Please click here for more information on our Terms and Conditions.